The McGuinty Gamble

Posted by: Tara A. Gottschalk

The Ontario government is in debt and wants to use gaming as way to generate millions of dollars in additional revenue to help balance the budget. Ontario Place has been shut down and the question is does it make sense to locate a casino in the big city of Toronto and in particular, Ontario Place?  There are those bloggers that believe Ontario Place was shut down to create a place for the casino to be located.   The issue raised by bloggers is centered in the City of Toronto but has repercussions for other centers all across Ontario that currently are licensed to operate casinos such as Orillia and Niagara Falls.  Blog entries are motivated by those opposed to the plan and by those who are skeptical of the Ontario government plans.  The gaming industry, reputable individuals, those impacted by these plans, those citizens who are opposed to the expansion of gambling, and angry citizens of Ontario who are fed up with the liberal government are all blogging about the decision to expand casinos to larger Ontario centers.  The news media,  major communication companies, and concerned citizens spreading their views by word of mouth, are all responsible for expressing their viewpoints on this hot topic.

I believe that yes a casino in Toronto could generate financial stability. Does it have to be down town? Toronto already has the ACC, the CN tower, and the Skydome all packed in the downtown core. I believe the government should try to broaden their horizons and see where a casino could last in the next 50 years. This cannot be a quick fix solution or a spontaneous lot purchase. If McGuinty and the liberal government understand their citizens they know they have to go through many drafts, because if Toronto get’s a casino their will be high expectations.



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